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Protect Your Organization From Bad Actors

Free Cybersecurity Reports

The data protection and cybersecurity services team at Rea & Associates has a variety of tools designed to better protect your organization from bad actors.
But to truly be effective, you're gonna have to take a look under the hood. 

FREE Microsoft 365 Audit Report

This comprehensive cybersecurity report will provide you with insight into your user activity while identifying the controls you currently have in place and their effectiveness. 

FREE Cyber Security Self-Assessment Survey

Our preliminary gap analysis will take a look organization's cybersecurity framework and how it stacks up against the primary cybersecurity industry standards. 

Employee Handbook Resources
Sample Table of Contents

COVID-19 has changed the way organizations do business and it's important for employers to address the new and updated policies resulting from the coronavirus pandemic in their employee handbooks. This Sample Table of Contents will show you:
  • Which policies should be added as a result of COVID-19.
  • Which policies should be updated as a result of COVID-19.
  • How to ensure employee acknowledgment of new and updated policies. 
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